Contact Officials

The power of the party lies in our ability to influence our elected officials to stand for the principles espoused in our platform.  We hope you will reach out to them and let them know how you stand on the issues.

This input is particularly important during the legislative session – from January to March/April, when our legislators are contemplating issues which are of significance to the state.

You can keep up on what’s happening on this Idaho Legislative Website.

Also, all of the contact information for each of your Representatives and Senators is available on this Contacting Legislators Website.

Entire House Membership

Entire Senate Membership

One thought on “Contact Officials

  1. It appears that Bryan Smith is quite aware of the machinations of Mr.
    Otter. Perhaps he noticed what happened in Canyon County the last few election cycles. Watch out for that fellow, he doesn’t like real conservatives and has cost us a lot of good people in canyon county. Perhaps Lobbying Money should be restricted as to its legitimate uses. Proper article.

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