BCRCC Press Release

The Bonneville County Republican Central Committee congratulates those who worked so hard in a spirited campaign to pass the community college taxing district measure in Bonneville County.  The fact that it passed with a super majority of the vote shows that the people of Bonneville County overwhelmingly support a local community college. We encourage those who are appointed to the community college taxing district board of trustees to honor the proponents’ pledge and impose taxes against Bonneville County real property at no more than the $862,000 per year, for six years, as promised during the campaign.  We further look forward to working with local board members and others to make the new Eastern Idaho Community College a success.

Mark Fuller, Chairman, Bonneville County Republican Central Committee

The Idaho State Republican Liberty Caucus takes their position on the community college taxing district.

The Idaho Republican Liberty Caucus has announced their OPPOSITION to the community college taxing district.

We are glad they agree with us on this bad proposal- not only for the residents of Bonneville County, but the State of Idaho taxpayers as well!

The deceitful ballot question and the hidden taxes within in the measure have not gone unnoticed.

Our 2nd Vice Chair, John Henager, responds to claim made by proponent of Community College tax district.

This is Bonneville County GOP’s 2nd Vice Chairman, John Henager, in response to claims made on KID News Radio today by a proponent of the college taxing district. Our committee has studied the financials of this proposal in-depth and believe claims being made are deceptive to the people of Bonneville County. The numbers are clear, don’t be deceived.

Click here to watch John explain the tax base comparison.