Guest Editorial Series: Columns show difference between Rs and Ds

For the last several months, you may have noticed that the Post Register has been featuring Republican sponsored commentary on Wednesdays and Democrat sponsored commentary on Thursdays. We want to commend the Post Register for giving the two political parties face time with the community. Job well done Post Register!
During these last few months, readers have been able to see and judge for themselves the stark differences between the Republican Party and Democrat Party’s governing philosophies. Both sides have submitted articles expressing their views on topics such as minimum wage, Obama’s Medicaid expansion, the Constitution, the proper role of government, etc.
To be sure, there are differences between the two political parties. Republicans believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations. Government tends to offer inferior services to those of the private sector. Private organizations are better equipped to provide the tailored services that are generally needed to yield real long-lasting results for those most vulnerable among us.
And there’s the reality that government services can be as hurtful as they are helpful. In President Ronald Regan’s day, he identified the nine most terrifying words a person can ever hear. And these words are just as terrifying if not more so in our day: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” This statement causes us to chuckle because long experience demonstrates government is inefficient, costs more than projected, never works as advertised, but remains permanently affixed like a stubborn boat barnacle even when we know all these things are true.
We also chuckle because there remain people advocating more government as the best way to fix societal problems even though our collective experience teaches otherwise. This is perhaps the biggest reason people should reject Obama’s Medicaid expansion in Idaho and vote “no” on Proposition 2. We already know it will be inefficient, will cost more than projected, won’t work as advertised, and will permanently persist even after time proves all these statements correct.
This is not to say that people need to “fend for themselves” or be further victimized by their misfortunes. Rather, Republicans believe we have an obligation to help one another, to care for our neighbors in need, and to provide assistance and to make a difference in our communities. Do not buy the godless argument there are not enough “good Samaritans” willing to care for one another so we must look to government to care for our neighbors.

Today, October 24, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 p.m., you can meet and talk with Republican candidates for statewide office. They will be at the Republican Party headquarters located at the corner of Yellowstone and Broadway. We invite all the public to come. We will have free hamburgers, hotdogs, and Farr’s ice cream. This will be a great opportunity to shake hands with candidates who still believe that government is best that governs least.

*Bryan Smith is the Second Vice Chair of the State of Idaho Republican Party and the Fourth Vice Chair of the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee.



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