Statement from IDGOP Executive Director, David Johnson


Wow. The Idaho Democrat Party should be ashamed of themselves. On Monday, their executive director, while campaigning for Chair of the national Democrat party, said it was her job to “…shut other white people down…” She said she needs “schoolin’…so that [she] can go school the other white people.” You can watch her full tirade here.

These divisive comments are offensive and inappropriate. Rather than representing all Americans, she is excluding millions.

Sound inclusive to you? Sound like Idaho Democrats want everyone to have a voice? These comments suggest if you look a certain way you shouldn’t say anything at all.

As Republicans are leading the way in Idaho and nationally to bring this country together, Democrats continue to perpetuate divisiveness among Americans.

Republicans don’t believe in telling any group to sit down and shut up. As our Platform says, “We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.” We believe every American should have a voice, regardless of their skin color. And we believe in justice for all, with no caveats.


David Johnston
Executive Director
Idaho Republican Party
Idaho Republican Party
802 W Bannock
Boise ID 83702

Introducing the real Idaho DNC!

Sally Brown explains what her job is running the Idaho Democratic Party. Sally is requesting more education on what voters want at It looks like the Idaho elections have not been enough.

We are happy to help!

Update 1/25/16

It looks like Bonneville County Democrats are fully invested in Sally’s request for further “schoolin”. ┬áSally comments seem to represent the leadership of the Bonneville County Democratic Party. Where are the writers of Saturday Night Live when you need them?

Introducing the real Idaho DNC!