State Rep. Thompson encourages children to be involved.


Today, I had the privilege of visiting Mrs. Pyper’s 6th grade class at Discovery Elementary School today with State Representative  Jeff Thompson.

We had an amazing discussion on the privilege of voting in this great nation and being informed about issues. They asked about 45 great questions. Most importantly Rep. Thompson challenged them to “Dream Big”!


I am greatful for Rep. Thompson taking time out of his busy reelection campaign to answer these students questions about their government.

Each student was handed a United States Constitution. The future looks bright in Idaho.

Good luck Rep. Thompson on your election tonight.

Adam Frugoli, 3rd Vice Chairman

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Lt. Governor encourages vote YES on HJR5


November 2, 2016 (208) 334-2200

Lieutenant Governor Little Encourages Idahoans to Vote Yes on HJR 5

“Idaho is an example to other states and the federal government on how government should have a process that checks excessive regulation and ensures only the lightest possible hand of government in our state.

This important check is the Idaho Administrative Procedure Act. On November 8, Idaho voters will have the opportunity to protect this critical tool by securing it within Idaho’s Constitution.

I urge my fellow citizens to vote yes for HJR 5. Let me explain why.

I looked at HJR 5 through the perspective of a citizen, not a politician, as I do all government action. As a citizen, I want easily accessible legislators who respect limited government. Our legislators are ultimately accountable for the consequences— intended or unintended— of the laws they enact. We citizens exercise accountability over their efforts at the ballot box.

Two principles of government that endure from our country’s founding are constitutionalism, and checks and balances. Both help to limit the reach of government over citizens. While the executive branch enforces our laws by creating administrative rules and regulations, I am thankful our elected legislators can review these rules and ensure they comply with the intent of the law.

Unfortunately, we live in an age of bureaucratic expansionism on the federal level that often goes unchecked. The good news is that Idaho has strong checks in place to limit and inhibit overregulation we see coming out of D.C. I support HJR 5 because it helps ensure this will always be the case in Idaho.

Idaho’s citizens have unrivaled access to our government officials, which is one great aspect of Idaho. I will always opt for increased citizen engagement in the decisions of government.

The Idaho Administrative Procedure Act increases citizen participation in our checks and balances process. Why not also ensure this important process is protected in our state’s Constitution?

HJR 5 is the constitutional check on regulatory and government expansion, so join me in voting Yes for HJR 5.”


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