Bonneville County Republicans Support HJR5


Press Release                                                                                                       For Immediate Release
October 26, 2016                                   Contact: Adam Frugoli                                                               

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO – BCRCC GOP Chairman Mark Fuller released the following statement supporting HJR5.

Since July the Bonneville County Republican Party have been actively researching House Joint Resolution 5.

Our Legislative Issues and Action Committee, chaired by 3rd Vice Chairman Adam Frugoli has listened to our local Bonneville County Delegation as well as written and oral comments from both Republican and Democrat elected officials from all branches of Idaho’s government. It became very clear that a majority of officials supported from both Republican and Democrats.  Only 3 members of the House voted against it and one from the Senate.

HJR5 ensures that the citizens of Idaho can continue hold unelected bureaucrats accountable for the regulations they seek to enact.

In 2014 a similar ballot measure brought before the voters was supported by a majority of Idaho voters, however was short of a super majority by about 4,000 votes. In speaking with voters many had questions about the measure in 2014.

History is usually a good indication of the future:

In 1989 Idaho’s Attorney General sued the Idaho Legislature, provoked by the Legislature striking a rule that was over reaching. In 1990 the Idaho Supreme Count issued a 3-2 decision that the Legislature did have the authority to stop abusive administrative rules that where not congruent with the intent of law. The lawsuit wasted a significant amount of tax payer financial resources.

Since 1990, hundreds of over reaching government rules have been stopped, protecting Idaho citizen freedoms from runaway government.

By a unanimous vote elected Bonneville County Republican Prescient Committee Officers voted to support HJR5. We have dedicated financial and human resources for this important issue facing Idahoans.

As Republicans, we feel this accountability has been critical to ensuring the freedoms and values that Idahoans enjoy every day. That freedom needs to be protected in our State Constitution for future generations of Idahoans.

I encourage all of Idaho County Republican Central Committees, along with Democrat County Central Committees across to support HJR5. We are grateful for the example of our Republicans and Democrat lawmakers that worked together to support this important measure.

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Victory in November!

Yours truly,

Adam Frugoli, 3rd Vice Chairman