A Platform Moment By Mark Fuller, Fourth Vice Chair Bonneville County Republicans

Mark Fuller

Idaho Republican Platform, Article I, Section 2, Taxation:

A. We support lower federal, state, and local taxes. High taxes are a burden on businesses, families, and individuals.

B. We believe that tax reductions can be achieved by cutting spending at every level: federal, state, and local. We believe that lower taxes will result in increased revenue to the government as the private sector will thrive.

C. We believe Idaho’s tax structure should be predictable, fair, and balanced, and that the combination of our income, sales, and property taxes will continue to provide a stable, dependable source of income for governmental needs.

D. We support true government transparency that allows the public to review all local, state, and federal government expenditures, contracts, and audits online. We support uniform accounting systems that allow taxpayers to compare and analyze government spending trends.

E. We believe that Idaho citizens should not and or shall not be taxed for federally mandated health care.

F. We believe the approval of the voter should be required prior to approval of debt – financed city projects. Municipal laws that allow public dollars to be converted to private use and government entities to compete against the private sector or divert public money to special projects without support of the taxpayer, must be repealed.

G. We support the total abolition of inheritance taxes.

H. We support a comprehensive overhaul of the federal tax system requiring universal participation.

This bylaw carefully examines Federal, state and local taxes. It condemns high taxes as a burden upon our families and ourselves. This bylaw cries out for the reduction of taxes at every level: federal, state and local. This Bylaw strongly condemns taxation for federally mandated health care and seeks the abolition of all inheritance taxes. We believe that everyone should pay something to support the purposes of government- no one should get a free ride.

Our discretionary income represents one of our greatest freedoms, the freedom to do what we wish with our own money. Every dollar extracted from taxpayers at any government level, reduces our freedom to support our families, charitable organizations, and to assist the poor. Think of the great freedom you would enjoy if you could be charitable with even 20% of the money you pay in taxes each year. As Republicans we must insist on greater economy at every level of government and take action at the ballot box to require a balanced budget. It is your money – require that it be used wisely.

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