A Platform Moment

By Mark Fuller,

A Bonneville County Repubican Vice President

Our Republican Party Platform establishes our foundation beliefs in responsible government. Our First Platform Article recognizes that that all government is financed by taxing its citizens. We believe the size and cost of government, as well as the national debt, must be reduced.

We believe that Social Security must be stabilized, diversified, and privatized to allow expansion of individual retirement options. We believe in a balanced budget and support congressional action to pass a balanced budget amendment.

We believe the unnecessary growth of government has a negative impact on both the conduct of business and our individual lives. We endorse the review of all government programs and encourage their assumption by private enterprise or local government where appropriate and workable. Programs which are not cost effective or have outlived their usefulness should be terminated.

We expect the government entity which mandates a program to provide the funding for. Its implementation.

Only by understanding these principles of financial responsibility and requiring that our elected officials abide by these foundation principles, can our financial liberties be preserved. Teach these principles to your children and grandchildren that they may love financial liberty and sacrifice for their own freedom. Each dollar we allow government to exact from us is a dollar we cannot donate to a worthy cause or use to bless those in need. As taxpayers, we should allow government only the money necessary to fulfill appropriate governmental functions.

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