ACTION: “Add the Words” Hearing

As you may know, the Idaho State Legislature will be holding a hearing with regard to “Adding the Words” with regard to sexual orientation and gender discrimination.  If you feel passionately about this issue, we’d urge you to contact your Representatives in the legislature.

You can write emails or make phone calls, but do it sooner rather than later.

Here are some resources you can use as you consider what to say:

2 Talking Points for Idaho – SOGI 101

3 ADF Talking Points – SOGI 1-19-15

4 Sample Letters – SOGI – 2015

5 Add the Words Outline – 1-26-15

6 Thoughts For SOGI testimony


House State Affairs Committee


Chairman Thomas

Rep. Vito Barbieri:

Rep. Gayle

Rep. Ken Andrus:

Rep. Linden Bateman:

Rep. Lynn Luker:

Rep. Brent Crane:

Rep. Joe Palmer:

Rep. Kathleen Sims:

Rep. James Holtzclaw:

Rep. Don Cheatham:

Rep. Shannon McMillan:

Rep. Pete Nielsen:

Rep. Elaine Smith:

Rep. Melissa Winthrow:

Rep. Paulette Jordan:

Rep. John

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