Make a Difference in the National Presidential Campaign!

You’ve probably been waiting, wishing, wondering how you might be able to help voters in key swing states understand the issues in this year’s presidential election.  Now you have the chance.

Here’s the text from an email from the Romney Campaign.

“The race is tight, and the difference this year is going to be our volunteers who make phone calls and go door-knocking. We encourage you to take a moment and visit the Romney for President Action Center to learn more about how you can get involved.

One of the best ways to help the campaign right now is by signing up to participate in the Call from Home program. Just follow the link to register and begin making calls. Starting today, the top 10 callers between now and Tuesday, October 2nd, will get the opportunity to join a conference call with Jason McBride, our Deputy Political Director! Jason is one of Governor Romney’s top advisors and implements our nationwide strategies. All you have to do to participate is sign up for the Call from Home system and start making calls for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

You can be a part of the victory effort!”

Also, Americans for Prosperity has partnered with Melaleuca to bring the resources and the volunteers together to have a meaningful impact on the election by establishing a call center right here in Idaho Falls to help identify key issues for voters in the most important counties in states that will ultimately decide the presidential election.

This grassroots organization was the mobilizing force behind the successful run-off victory of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and is an issue-oriented advocate for public policy of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.

Right now, we need you to sign up for some 2 hour blocks to make phone calls from the call center and really contribute to defeating Obama.  Please fill in your information here and show up at the Melaleuca Headquarters in time for your shifts.  They’ll provide food and drinks and make it a fun environment – you just bring your voice and your passion.