Bonneville County Elects Party Leadership

🎉CONGRATULATIONS to the newly elected Bonneville County GOP Executive Committee and Legislative District Leadership!


After the May 15 election, each of the newly elected precinct officers were required to come together in a reorganizational meeting to be sworn into office and vote on new party leadership for the upcoming term. This meeting occurred Thursday night, May 24, 2018 at the Bonneville County Courthouse.

Here are the results of the elections:

Chairman- Mark Fuller
1st Vice Chair- Rusty Cannon
2nd Vice Chair- John Henager
3rd Vice Chair- Nicholas Contos
4th Vice Chair- Bryan Smith
Secretary-Ann Burt
Treasurer- Morna Starks

State Committeewoman- Karie Caldwell
State Committeman- Tony Potts
State Youth Committeeperson- Jared Gifford

After the conclusion of the county voting period, Legislative Districts 30 and 33 held brief meetings to determine their District Chair, Vice Chair(s) and Secretary. Here are the results of the Legislative District elections:

District 30-
Chairman- Doyle Beck
1st Vice Chair- Lisa Keller
2nd Vice Chair- Adam Frugoli
Secretary- Myleah Keller

District 33-
Chairman- Kirk Larsen
1st Vice Chair- Tony Potts
Secretary- Morna Starks

Delegates for the upcoming state GOP convention were also voted on and selected at the county meeting.


Dinesh D’Souza to be Keynote Speaker at Bonneville County Republican Lincoln Day Banquet 2018!

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Dinesh D'Souza Flyer

Bonneville GOP Selects Nominees to Replace Senator Bart Davis

Bonneville GOP Legislative District sends nominees to replace Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis to Governor C.L. Butch Otter

Idaho Falls, Idaho, September 28, 2017 –
Republican Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis of Legislative District 33 was sworn in as U.S. Attorney for the State of Idaho on September 22, 2017, creating a vacancy in the state Senate when Senator Davis resigned on September 21, 2017.
Davis is a 10-term state Senator from Idaho Falls with a private legal practice focusing on corporate litigation, bankruptcy and real estate law. He’s served as the state Senate majority leader for 15 years.
Davis was sworn in on Thursday as the state’s new U.S. Attorney in a ceremony in Pocatello. “I am humbled and honored to continue to serve the great people of Idaho as United States Attorney. I am grateful for the special trust and confidence shown me by President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, Senator Crapo, Senator Risch, and all of those who supported me throughout this process. I inherit a very capable office and look forward to joining them in continuing to do great things.” Davis said.
Legislative Chairman Stafford Smith said, “Seventeen individuals have the opportunity to participate in something monumental. We congratulate and thank Senator Davis and wish him the very best in his new assignment.”
Pursuant to Idaho State code and the Idaho State Republican Party State Rules, the Legislative District 33 Republican Committee has selected three nominees to fill this vacancy. Governor C.L. Butch Otter will appoint one of the following nominees within 15 days:
Mark Fuller
Representative Bryan Zollinger
Tony Potts
John Henager, Second Vice Chairman, said, “The Bonneville County Republican Central Committee was pleased to nominate Mark Fuller to replace outgoing Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis. We know Mark will serve the citizens of LD33 in the same principled, honest, and utterly capable manner with which he has approached so many local service and political projects. We look forward to Governor Otter’s swift confirmation.”
About The Bonneville County Republican Central Committee: The Bonneville County Republican Central Committee is a political entity created by Idaho statute that has 51 Precincts. Each precinct elects its Precinct Committee Officer, who votes on the platform and other topics at the County and State Party level.
Paid for by the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee- Morna Starks, Treasurer

Open Republican Primary: No Thanks. Been There, Done That.

Editorial by Bryan Smith, 1st Vice Chair, BCRCC

In a recent house editorial, Katie Stokes urged the Idaho Legislature to “re-open the Republican primary.”  An Idaho history lesson is in order for Mrs. Stokes, who moved to Idaho a few years ago from New York after Corey Taule left for greener pastures.

For many years before 2008, the law in Idaho was that the Republican primary was open.  Republicans, Democrats, and those from the Libertarian and Constitutional parties could help pick Republican nominees to run in the general election against nominees from the Democrat, Libertarian or Constitutional Parties.

For years, the Idaho Republican Party had tried without success to get the Republican controlled house and senate, the Republican Governor, and the Republican Secretary of State to close the Republican primary so that only Republicans could pick their Republican nominees in the general election.

I asked then Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, affectionately known as “Big Ben,” why Republicans would want “other teams” picking our team for the general election.  Big Ben said something to the effect that an open primary allows as many people as possible to participate in the voting process.

I remember thinking, “if it’s the goal to get as many people as possible to participate in the voting process, why don’t we just let felons, children, and noncitizens vote—after all, that will get more people participating in the voting process.”  Big Ben could never give me an answer that calmed my concerns about the government requiring the Republican Party to allow people from other parties to help pick Republican nominees for the general election.

In 2008, the Republican Party filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing that Idaho’s open primary law violated the Republican Party’s First Amendment right of “Freedom of Association” under the United States Constitution.  Freedom of Association is the right of the people to come together with other people without government interference.  And inherent in the right to associate is the right to disassociate with people you don’t want to associate with.  Think about it–I doubt Mormons want the government telling them they must allow Catholics to help pick the Mormon Prophet any more than Catholics want the government telling them they must allow Mormons to help pick the Catholic Pope.

Judge Lynn Winmill ruled in favor of the Republican Party that Idaho’s open primary violated the Republican Party’s right of Freedom of Association.  In other words, the open primary law that forced Republicans to associate with non-Republicans was, in a word, unconstitutional.  So, when someone urges the Idaho legislature to re-open the Republican primary, she is really urging the violation of the constitutional rights of all republicans across the state.  No thanks.  Been there, done that.



BCRCC Press Release

The Bonneville County Republican Central Committee congratulates those who worked so hard in a spirited campaign to pass the community college taxing district measure in Bonneville County.  The fact that it passed with a super majority of the vote shows that the people of Bonneville County overwhelmingly support a local community college. We encourage those who are appointed to the community college taxing district board of trustees to honor the proponents’ pledge and impose taxes against Bonneville County real property at no more than the $862,000 per year, for six years, as promised during the campaign.  We further look forward to working with local board members and others to make the new Eastern Idaho Community College a success.

Mark Fuller, Chairman, Bonneville County Republican Central Committee

The Idaho State Republican Liberty Caucus takes their position on the community college taxing district.

The Idaho Republican Liberty Caucus has announced their OPPOSITION to the community college taxing district.

We are glad they agree with us on this bad proposal- not only for the residents of Bonneville County, but the State of Idaho taxpayers as well!

The deceitful ballot question and the hidden taxes within in the measure have not gone unnoticed.